Business Registration and Formation in Hong Kong

Asian markets attract many entrepreneurs worldwide. The Xenios team is ready to provide you with business and around-business services to hit the best profitable environments globally. Switch from just local markets to Asian ones while registering your business in Hong Kong. Let our specialists show our competency and skillsets. Business registration and company setting up in Hong Kong will be stress-free and fast with Xenios.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Hong Kong

Xenios is a guide with high-level expertise and knowledgebase when it comes to Asian markets, including Hong Kong. Let our dedicated team of qualified experts show all the benefits of registering your company in this Chinese city. Hong Kong can become your profit-generating location if you entrust your firm formation to us.

Now, explore all the advantages this Asian destination can bring for your newly registered company there:

Almost free trade and a solid Asian economy. Doing business in Hong Kong is safe and profitable. Additionally, everybody acts in adherence to the letter of the law.

Hong Kong, like other Chinese towns and cities, is notable for its high-level and free trade principles. Build an absolutely legal business in Asia with us and enjoy the most fruitful results.

Inward and outward investments take place with zero restrictions. You can count on absent foreign exchange controls as well when it comes to Hong Kong.

Zero foreign ownership for companies is presented there, accompanied by easy access to the Chinese markets (including export & import channels, various suppliers, and partners).

The opportunity to have a leading presence in the markets related to Asia (according to the Free Trade Agreement CEPA) while building sales channels and supply chains throughout China and other neighboring countries.

The capability to incorporate the company in Hong Kong according to two practical formats (WFOE and JV). The Xenios team can assist with the formation of both wholly foreign-owned enterprises and joint ventures if you want to attract foreign investors.

You may pretend to have zero rates for import if you are going to order product items of Hong Kong origin. Our managers can help you find reliable suppliers and save money on imported goods as the just-registered local company.

Easy and risk contracting is waiting for you in Hong Kong – just entrust signing contracts to our professionals from the Xenios team. Additionally, we know how to skip upfront fees and regulate the processes for dispute resolution, arbitration, etc.

The opportunity to join special-purpose programs arranged in Hong Kong for business support and development locally. For this purpose, you need to ask our experts to form a company with a physical presence in the Chinese location of your interest.

The chance to enter local funding schemes in Hong Kong is more than just possible. The Xenios team can show you the fastest way to incorporate the company there with the minimum share capital. Zero withholding, capital gains, GST, and VAT taxes will be an excellent bonus for non-residents.

Accounting and Audit Services in Hong Kong

We can become responsible for many routine business operations and tasks related to accounting and audits. The Xenios accountants and auditors will be glad to assist you with issuing internal VAT invoices, preparation of VAT and GST documentation, declarations, permits, audit reports, inventory notices, etc.

Among other similar services our experts can offer for your business are:

  • Keeping all the records and ledger under control, including handling professional invoice compliance inspections;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and drawing up balances & inventory of the company’s assets;
  • performing the bank transfer processing together with initial and periodic accounting training;
  • undertaking tax & accounting law updates that are necessary for your business operations;

Accounting consulting and tax advice services are also accessible to our clients. If you did not find the option you are interested in, please contact our managers and ask them about the availability of accounting and auditing services for your individual request.

Business Registration Services in Hong Kong

Our turnkey business registration process in Hong Kong covers all your needs as a Xenios client from A to Z. First, our specialists discuss the most optimal format of your company and the legal form that will be the best match for you. Secondly, we prepare all the official papers to progress with the incorporation of your Hong Kong-based business.

Then, we will be responsible for the timely bank account opening for your local company. Finally, all the documents, financial information, and other details are ready. Your company can run legally on the territory of China and worldwide. Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of representing your business throughout Chinese markets? Contact the Xenios team as soon as possible.

Consulting Services for Businesses Based in Hong Kong

If you need any business consulting services, ask the Xenios team about the option you require for your business. We can provide with high-quality estimating, analytics, and other similar packages for companies who are interested in formation of the company and running their business activities in Hong Kong.

Ask our managers about various consulting services where we demonstrate the exceptionally comprehensive approach. Among variants for entrepreneurs our specialists can offer and bring to reality are HR system analysis, marketing & management strategy development, analytical assistance, legal support, advice on financial health, communication, workflows, and many more. Waiting for your orders!

More About Us

Legal Services for Businesses Based in Hong Kong

We know all the peculiarities of local legislation in Hong Kong. Even the most complicated cases will be solved by our professional team, including disputes with partners, contract condition violations, debts, etc. Count on our lawyers and attorneys with business specialization.

All the dialogs with problematic parties and court sessions will have exceptionally beneficial outcomes for your company. Additionally, you can order legal consulting and HR legislation services to erase any unclear spots due to the assistance of our specialists.

How Xenios Can Help You with Business Starting in Hong Kong?

Opt for high-level business and around-business services related to registration of the company, relocation tasks, and similar missions for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Xenios can help you to decrease loads on your departments, cut down expenses on setting up the firm abroad, and do away with stressful long-term preparations.

Let our experts show their expert performance of all the responsibilities you can accredit to our professionals. The Xenios team knows well how to optimize your workflows, sales funnels, supply chains, etc. Do not be afraid of Hong Kong and its specific rules and legislation for running business. We are here to assist you with everything necessary for your newly-registered company in China.

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