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If you are interested in business registration and running your company abroad, Xenios can help you with this task. We assist businessmen in all the essential tasks and questions related to the formation of the overseas firm, its legal base, financial flows, and relocation routines.

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There are 12 locations our specialists are competent to provide our valuable clients with business registration, resident permits, documentation, etc. Check all the countries you can choose for your corporate needs including scaling up, development departments abroad, and moving your company to another destination favorable for your progress:

If you want to discuss your project with our dedicated team, feel free to request a callback. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible. Select the country of your interest in the form below. It is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the processes related to business registration, formation, and relocation in the context of the chosen destination.

Note the turnkey service pack is available. You can entrust all the arrangements to our experienced experts with a clear vision of your global presence and performance in new arenas and niches abroad.

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