Business Registration and Formation in Singapore

Xenios does not limit clients to possible locations to provide high-quality business services. Singapore is one of the most popular countries businessmen take into consideration for business formation and company registration locally. Our competent team can assist with legal support, audits, financial services, and many more if you are going to set up your firm physically there.

If you are interested in our business and around-business service packages, inform our managers about your requirements. We will meet your demands and reach your goals together. We are waiting for your requests.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Singapore

Xenios can guide you through all the sound benefits Singapore can welcome foreign entrepreneurs with. First, note that this is a leading country in the world in the context of open-to-trade standards. It means that both importers and exporters will find numerous business capabilities there.

Additionally, Singapore can become the best strategic location for foreign entrepreneurs due to its status as a premier International Maritime Center. This country is a true hub of the Asian-Pacific region and maritime trade routes. Your company formed in Singapore gets easy and risk-free access to all the giant Asian markets.

Among other beneficial sides of setting up your business in Singapore-based cities are the following:

  • Zero dividends and capital gains in the context of taxation;
  • Zero special-purpose taxes like death, estate, or inheritance;
  • It is possible to pretend on 0% personal tax rates;
  • Reasonable corporate tax rates for foreign business owners;
  • Friendly pro-business local environments;
  • The best country with the most favorable conditions for the attraction of foreign investments;
  • Government assistance along the business formation process;
  • Easy and smart business management opportunities locally and remotely;
  • Very flexible immigration policies;
  • Solid policies for intellectual property protection;
  • Hassle-free process of registering a trademark in Singapore, etc.

As a bonus, entrepreneurs who are going to run their businesses in this country get transparent and friendly relationships with local authorities. Singapore is notable for its honest and extremely open government. To meet local rules and laws, ask the Xenios team for assistance with the business services you need. This way, your company registration, team relocation, and other routine tasks will take place quickly and risk-free.

Accounting and Audit Services in Singapore

The main idea our team follows is to provide you with a one-stop package of services as the separate-standing accounting and audit department or individual specialists for time-to-time tasks. You may order various options related to transactions, regular payments, reporting, and many more. We can list only some of the main accounting & audit services your Singapore-based company will need:

  • VAT preparation;
  • Invoice compliance inspections;
  • Regulatory compliance audits;
  • Inventory notice assignment;
  • Ledger & recording maintenance;
  • Declaration, reporting, and audit checkups on a regular basis;
  • Statement drawing up;
  • Invoice filling up;
  • Bank transfer and other payment processing;
  • Tax audits and provision of monthly, quarterly, and annual balances, etc.

Give our specialists the opportunity to exclude any human-based errors, risks to your financial health, and the company’s reputation. Most audit and accounting inspections are absolutely automated, and all the figures and details are under our experts’ control. Xenios is about the best-matching business solutions and innovative approaches to your tasks and challenges.

Business Registration Services in Singapore

We have a precise algorithm for the company registration process for entrepreneurs who are interested in business services in Singapore. Our specialists are ready to select the best-matching entrepreneurship format for you to prepare all necessary documentation (permits, visas, passports, invoices, etc.).

The Xenios team will apply for the company’s registration in Singapore via the special-purpose application form. The bank account will be open when all the preparatory stages are completed successfully. When the primary cycles come to an end, the company is considered registered and can run all the business activities in the country of your interest.

Consulting Services for Businesses Based in Singapore

Our experienced and skillful consultants will be glad to help you solve various challenges while providing analytical and theoretical backgrounds in the form of ready-to-use plans, strategies, tactics, etc. Which problems and questions can you do away with the Xenios team? Almost any. We provide business consulting services related to startup launches, improvements & alterations of the corporate processes, renovation of the company’s financial health, sales channels, and other structures after the stagnation phase, supply chain audits and enhancements, and many more.

You can count on us when it comes to tips and 100% developed strategies for dispute solving, decision making, searching for investors or suppliers, and other missions. With us, you will multiply your profits and decrease your business risks. Our consulting services will come in handy for all entrepreneurs and their firms of any size, with a focus on the peculiarities of Singapore-based environments and legislation.

More About Us

Legal Services for Businesses Based in Singapore

When foreign entrepreneurs start their business in Singapore, they may lack the competency and knowledge base of local rules, legislation, and other peculiarities. Ask our specialists to provide you with high-quality legal services to skip challenging moments and run your business in adherence to the letter of the law.

Opt for corporate law advice, attorney’s consulting, HR legislation services, taxation assistance, and many more. Our lawyers are ready to represent your rights in court, have dialogs with problematic partners, dispute debts, ask for compensation in case of any violations, etc.

How Xenios Can Help You with Business Starting in Singapore?

We can become your assistant for a separate-standing task or long-term helpers to become responsible for a range of business services and around-business options like consulting, legal services, company registration in Singapore, accounting, relocation accompaniment, and many more. Ask our managers about these and those packages for your Singapore-based entrepreneurship and its activities.

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