Net Zero Strategy for the Retail Company (Business Consulting)

Our clients who relocated together with our assistance to Cyprus asked the Xenios team about some updates in the context of the net zero strategy development in the conditions of the just-relocated company. We decided to offer several helpful tactics to generate the most favorable improvements with no risks to budgets.

First, it was decided to implement new measurement, tracking, and management tools. All of them were digital-friendly to automate and speed up retail processes after the relocation routines. Additionally, our experts analyzed the reporting background of the company and discovered one more way to improve corporate communication channels and cross-department interaction activities.

Solutions for the Clients for Their Net Zero Strategy

As can be seen, the Xenios team suggested a range of digital-friendly tools for measurement, tracking, and management. Additionally, a new reporting system was introduced. This is the ESG solution with 24/7 tracking through net zero showings, bouncing, and many more. Most corporate operations are going to be performed timely and in the most sustainable way.

Among other approaches presented in the form of business consulting for our clients are:

  • Risk management solutions for safe progress;
  • +10% of proactiveness through the happy blend of human resources and technologies;
  • ESG reporting implementation for a more strategic approach and better monitoring;
  • The description of the customized emission accounting structure for the business.

Finally, the retail company relocated to Cyprus one year ago performed +20% revenues for the last quarter, and managed bet zero strategies better through new digital-friendly solutions, ESG reporting applied, etc. The transformation brought one more positive statistic – +10% of the team’s proactiveness. Xenios business consulting is here to promote the required changes, improve the existing systems, and update your corporate ecosystem with the best-matching solutions and tactics.

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