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We can help you with the paperwork required for business registration, support, and management at any stage. Relocation-oriented services are available for our valuable clients as well. Surf the full range of accessible options for your business. Contact us if you need to ask any questions or need our competent assistance at the moment.

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Business Registration: What Xenios Can Offer?

Our task is to assist entrepreneurs who decide to relocate their businesses to other countries with this task. Among essential aspects are the paperwork required before, during, and after relocation together with arrangements for the business registration abroad. It is important to consider the main benefits you get the company owner if you register it in Europe or other countries Xenios offers relocation-driven assistance experiences.

Our team guarantees you will discover more strengths & advantages than possible weak spots in the context of business registration:

  • Lawsuit initiatives;
  • Personal property protection;
  • Personal asset acquisition, etc.

Note that the company’s performance in the required location is possible after registration even without physical shareholders there. It means you can have a local office here, your employees can reside there, etc.

To sum up, Xenios can assist with all the necessary arrangements to register your company as an LLC or the corporation to make you as the owner 100% liable for the progress with its losses and success. Additionally, all the investments and rewards will be received by the person who undertook the registration procedure.

Xenios Team Will Help with Document Preparation

Paperwork is critically important for relocation and scaling up. And it does not matter which kind of business it is. The professional Xenios team is ready to become the responsible party in the context of the preparation of your documents and any other paper & legal workflow management. Speaking about relocation routines, the list of must-have documentation is:

  • Resident permit;
  • VISA;
  • Passports;
  • Insurances;
  • Work permits;
  • Social Security cards;
  • Medical records, etc.

These papers should be ready before your employees are relocated to the new office and location. Additionally, there are other corporate documents that can vary from one business to another. Consult our managers about the best-matching paperwork strategy for your very case. Feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

Why Particularly Us?

We are your trusted assistant for many tasks related to relocation and business processes. Our experts can help with document processing, paperwork, documentation translation, and many more. We can assist with business registration abroad and undertake various steps at request (legal support, accounting, insurance, etc.).

Xenios will become your one-stop service provider because:

  • We are competent specialists and know all the peculiarities of the country’s jurisdiction, legal backgrounds, and documentation where you relocate/register the business in;
  • Our experts can perform some tasks at the request or all the processes from A to Z in the context of paperwork and business registration;
  • We save you time, extra costs, and efforts – Xenios guarantees perfect results timely and hassle-free;
  • Our competent accounting specialists and lawyers can assist with challenges related to invoices, insurance, and other specific documents.

You can count on our exceptional professionalism, 100% guaranteed results, exclusive offers like turnkey relocation packages, and only a comprehensive approach to your orders. Waiting for your questions and requests.

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