Turnkey Relocation to Poland for the Company

Xenios provided a full range of services required for the relocation. Our client is an IT company with the desire to replace all the departments, physical equipment, and office hardware in Poland. Our task was to arrange everything from A to Z properly to make the procedure hassle-free and safe for our valuable consumers.

The Road Map of the Turnkey Relocation

First, we meet the team online or offline to discuss details and services needed for comfortable and timely relocation routines. When all the aspects are taken into consideration, it is essential to draw all the deadlines, peculiarities of paperwork, office rentals, etc. The clients stated the following demands:

  • All the local-based hardware, office equipment, folders with documents, and other belongings should be moved to Poland;
  • The office should be located in a big city like Warsaw, Krakow, etc.;
  • All the paperwork for the business relocation should become the responsibility of the Xenios company;
  • We should support the company financially and from the accounting side from the initial stage up to the final result.

Among the solutions offered by the Xenios team, there was a list of approaches customized to the needs and individual parameters of the IT company. First, we developed the plan to get residence permits, arrange all the official papers, and manage all the business routines like rentals, bills, communications, etc.

Then, we consulted our clients before the relocation process about running business strategies according to the new location peculiarities. Accounting and financial services are included. We helped to open banking accounts, assist with permits, etc.

Finally, the relocation process to Poland took place without stress, hassles, and risks. In the first stage (zero stage), the team worked remotely. All the hardware and office equipment was packed and moved to the office rented. All the agreements and permits were received timely without any issues with the running of business.

Final Results: Key Figures of Relocation

The company relocated in the format of the turnkey service package. The longevity of this procedure was 2 weeks together with all the paperwork and permit processing. All the arrangements including rentals, document preparation, banking accounts, residence permits, and others became the Xenios’ responsibility and the area of competence.

If you are interested in immediate relocation services, consult our company. Xenios managers will provide you with detailed consulting in the context of all the questions. Check the location you would like to relocate first. Find out all the benefits and our opportunities for most cases.

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