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Xenios can become your one-stop business service provider to arrange everything properly including office rentals, recruitment of employees, resident permits, accounting packages, legal support, and paperwork. Just entrust all the processes from A to Z to the Xenios team and enjoy successful final results. Discuss details with our managers or explore all the countries we offer for business registration, formation, and relocation.

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What Is the Xenios Turnkey Package for Business?

Xenios offers a turnkey service package for businesses. It covers all the required stages for the company registration, formation, and relocation routines if necessary. Our task is to become responsible for all the processes from A to Z at once. It means that Xenios experts will be not your assistant but the reliable contractor that performs all the tasks instead of your efforts, time, and resources spent.

Step 1: Business Registration

Xenios can become responsible for all the documentation to initiate your business formation abroad. Among the documents that can come in handy for this purpose are:

  • Government approval;
  • Feasibility reports;
  • Association articles;
  • Industrial/trade & development permits;
  • Approval certificates;
  • Business licenses, etc.

Note that the Xenios team will get, process, and prepare these official papers for your company registration hassle-free for you, your team, and your local progress before the overseas company begins its performance after the completed formation stage.

Step 2: Opening Bank Accounts

When the first stage of business registration is completed it is high time to open bank accounts for your future business. It means that the initial stage is forming the legal base for your company and the successful registration process. Then our competent accounting specialist will be glad to cover all your financial needs through banking services applied in the country where the company will perform. Opening bank accounts is important for businesses of any direction. To do it well, fast, and risk-free, accountants need to know all the peculiarities of banking and payment systems locally. Xenios is the hub of true professionals who can undertake this task.

Remember that foreigners can face difficulties with opening bank accounts. But our experts demonstrate high-level competence and sound experience in these questions. All the restrictions will be avoided for your overseas company and its bank accounts. Entrust your financial safety to us because:

  • Xenios local specialists will visit required bank offices or branches to sign all the papers including application forms for capital, basic bank accounts, etc.
  • Our financial specialists are going to monitor and help with RMV, CVR, and other papers.
  • We do not leave any detail without attention. If some local branches inform us about issues concerning bank accounts, we solve this situation as soon as possible.

Together with a legal background, paperwork, and financial assistance, our professional team can drive you up to the final stages of overseas company formation. This is about the relocation process with all its routines.

Step 3: Relocation

Xenios can become your trusted relocation service provider when it comes to corporate demands and business support overseas. When the legal base, documentation, and registration routines are completed, other phases of the physical business presence take place.

The relocation location can be chosen by the client according to numerous factors that will be important for the company. Xenios provides entrepreneurs with reliable services to relocate team members to the following countries:

  • Great Britain;
  • Portugal;
  • Cyprus;
  • Poland;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Hong-Kong;
  • Singapore;
  • Slovakia;
  • Canada;
  • Malaysia;
  • UAE.

You can explore every country in the context of relocation-based benefits for your business and request our professional feedback, especially for the location selected. Read about all the benefits of the residence permits to European and other destinations listed. Ask our specialists about the peculiarities of these processes including documentation, arrangement of financial support, opening of bank accounts we offer, and many more.

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The range of relocation-related options can include office rentals together with local accommodation setup (communications, furniture, hardware, etc.). If you are interested in running a business overseas with the team relocated, inform our team. We will prepare work visas or residence permits. HR management and other similar services can be ordered as well. This way you get the turnkey package for your business formation and relocation. Contact our managers to discuss your needs ASAP and begin the overseas company registration processes.

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