Business Registration & Formation in Cyprus

Xenios can become your reliable assistant when starting a business in Cyprus. We can also help you with relocation routines and provide clients with high-quality financial and legal support. Take a closer look at the main benefits of registration of the company abroad, namely in one of the towns or cities of Cyprus.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Cyprus

Xenios knows all the advantages and positive sides of company registration/formation in Cyprus. Consider them all if you still need clarification on this country or just would like to pick sides with the optimal variant. Cyprus can become the perfect match for our valuable clients owing to the following reasons:

This is the country with the most liberal tax policies among European countries. There is a minimum charge on the company’s net income (12.5%).
Zero taxation is applied for security-driven transactions, real-estate registration, subsidiaries & branches’ operations, and re-registration charges.
Favorable conditions to interact with the local government to achieve business goals risk-free.
In comparison with most EU countries, Cyprus obtains low-level tech maintenance costs that can save your company’s budget.
Cyprus is a respected EU member with all the solid legal backgrounds other European countries have. You can also undertake any business activities throughout the EU this way with the company registered and run in Cyprus.
Low arrangement costs and a wide range of treaties to skip double taxation.
The opportunity to open a banking account in one of the European banks.
There is the tax residency certificate and absent offshore jurisdiction.

Starting your business and registration of the company in Cyprus is optimal for businessmen with any goals. It means that any size of the business can be run there including large-scale corporations, medium-size firms, and small companies.

Accounting and Audit Services in Cyprus

If you are planning your business in Cyprus, count on the wide range of accounting and audit services provided by Xenios, including:

  • preparation of VAT;
  • ledger & recording maintenance;
  • drawing up declarations and inventory notices;
  • issuing internal VAT invoices;
  • travel expense accounting check-up;
  • representation in tax audits
  • representation in public authorities;
  • invoice compliance check-ups, etc.

Our experienced auditors can prepare annual financial statements and draw up any balances required. We will perform the processing of the bank transfers and provide essential auditors’ or accountants’ consulting and tax advice. Additionally, our experts can initiate tax audits.

Our accountants can define the financial results, fill declarations, notify the management department about changes in the Cyprus tax legislation, represent your accounting potentials and rights in the local tax offices, and many more.

Business Registration Services in Cyprus

We will help you to register your company in Cyprus hassle-free. Our team will undertake all the necessary processes step-by-step. First, we will select the most optimal legal form for your firm. It should meet your goals and requirements. Then, our experts will prepare all the documentation. Paperwork will cover getting all the passports, visas, and other documents.

It is high time to apply for the registration. The next step of the Xenios specialists is to work with local authorities to be sure that all the licenses, permits, and other official papers are prepared. When this procedure is completed, our accounting specialists open the bank account and initiate taxation and other processes. Finally, your company can run in Cyprus legally. You get 100% turnkey registration of the firm by the Xenios team.

More About Us

Consulting Services for Cyprus-Based Businesses

Our consulting services can improve your business’s operational efficiency and enhance HR systems. Ask our experts about creating and implementing corporate culture, norms, and values. We can increase the productivity of your newly-registered firm or existing one performing on the market. The competence of the Xenios team allows us to arrange training centers and other corporate events.

Legal Services for Cyprus-Based Businesses

Xenios legal representatives can initiate proceedings because of the violation by the bank of its obligations. If your rights need to be protected, contact us for competent assistance. Our attorneys will prove the fact of a breach of the contract terms, an illegal increase in the interest rate, the ban on early repayment of the debt, etc.

Additionally, our experts will come in handy if you need fast and efficient dispute solving, counterparty verification, labour relation regulations, intellectual property protections, tax legislation consulting, corporate law advice, or assistance with other tasks. Feel free to contact us as soon as possible to discuss the details of our cooperation.

How Xenios Can Help You with Business Starting in Cyprus?

Our competent experts will consult you on all the questions related to business registration, company formation, and relocation to Cyprus. We will highlight all the benefits of your very case to improve your presence in the international arena. Customers who are interested in our services can opt for 100% foreign ownership, fast company registration (within one calendar week), extended options for the private company for a single director or shareholders, etc.

Remember that Cyprus is the perfect company with an awesome global reputation and favorable terms for starting and running the business. Explore all the benefits of this location and request a callback to discuss details.

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