Business Registration & Formation in Portugal

Xenios can become your reliable assistant when starting a business in Portugal. We can also help you with relocation routines and provide clients with high-quality financial and legal support. Take a closer look at the main benefits of registration of the company abroad, namely in one of the towns or cities of Portugal.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Portugal

Xenios knows all the advantages and positive sides of company registration/formation in Portugal. Consider them all if you still need clarification on this country or just would like to pick sides with the optimal variant. Portugal can become the perfect match for our valuable clients owing to the following reasons:

Portuguese locations are notable for tourism and entertainment for visitors. That is why local authorities can offer all the businesses low taxation rates to help new companies to develop there.
Ever-growing opportunities for businesses in the context of retail, services, and entertainment. If your company makes a specialty out of restaurant food, catering, and rentals, be sure that the first profit will be earned very soon.
Portugal is considered the best destination for investments. Here, your business can discover new ways to get contributions and attract new investors to the project. This country is one of the most favorable in the context of foreign direct investments.
Portuguese ports are well-known in Europe and around the world. The logistics and transportation backgrounds are on a high level here. The speedy development of the economy and numerous prospects for commodity turnovers make Portugal attractive for starting a business there.
This country obtains a special-purpose program for startuppers. Startup Portugal increases the opportunities to drive more investments to the new company, stay pleased with the cash turnover, and have simple relocation routines.
Portugal can offer very attractive working conditions, zero taxes on some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, golden Visa packages for foreign businessmen, zero taxation regime for non-residents, and a range of reputable Portuguese banks renowned in the world.

Starting your business and registration of the company in Portugal is optimal for businessmen with any goals. It means that any size of the business can be run there including large-scale corporations, medium-size firms, and small companies.

Accounting and Audit Services in Portugal

Our competent team is ready to assist you with any accounting tasks and share our skills and experience in the context of audits. If you are planning your business in Portugal, opt for the range of high-grade services provided by Xenios, including ledger & recording maintenance, preparation of VAT, declarations, inventory notices, and other documentation, issuing internal VAT invoices, invoice compliance check-ups, and many more.

Speaking about audits your firm needs on a regular basis, our experts can:

  • undertake the preparation of annual financial statements;
  • help with balances & inventory of the company’s assets;
  • perform processing of the bank transfers;
  • provide essential accounting consulting and tax advice;
  • initiate tax audits and many more.

We have a working relationship with the local authorities. Our team adheres to the principles of transparency and accountability. All the processes we deliver to clients comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Contact us if you want to discuss our fruitful cooperation.

Business Registration Services in Portugal

To register a company in Portugal, Xenios undertakes 6 essential steps:

  1. We select the best-matching legal form for the future company.
  2. Our experienced specialists get ready with all the necessary documentation to apply for registration.
  3. We apply for the registration. The process is hassle-free for you due to the efforts of our experts.
  4. Our team works with local authorities to fulfill all the requirements and complete the procedure.
  5. Our accounting specialists open the bank account to run the business smoothly in Portugal.
  6. The taxation and accounting procedures take place. The firm can start its activities in Portugal.

Consulting Services for Portugal-Based Businesses

Our experts will find development indicators, improve your HR strategies, solve disputes with partners or contractors, and assist with any other tasks related to marketing, management, etc. Xenios is here to prevent collapses and bankruptcy cases, plan sales funnels for businesses, and many more.

We adapt our services to your specific needs. Our services are focused on your goals. We aspire to identify redundancy and potential savings. You can create more accurate and reliable business plans due to our consulting. Your sensitive data entries will remain confidential.

Legal Services for Portugal-Based Businesses

We have the most experienced attorneys, legal advisors, and other narrow-direction specialists to help our clients solve various challenges. We can assist with a bank, preparation of the necessary documents, interaction with the banking institutions, etc. Additionally, Xenios can help you select the collateral, verify documents, and provide other legal services while withdrawing assets from an insolvent bank. Our representatives can perform your rights in the court, interact with state bodies, etc.

How Xenios Can Help You with Business Starting in Portugal?

Our competent experts will consult you on all the questions related to business registration, company formation, and relocation to Portugal. We will highlight all the benefits of your very case to improve your presence in the international arena. Customers who are interested in our services can opt for 100% foreign ownership, fast company registration (within one calendar week), extended options for the private company for a single director or shareholders, etc.

Remember that Portugal is the perfect company with an awesome global reputation and favorable terms for starting and running the business. Explore all the benefits of this location and request a callback to discuss details.

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