Business Registration Services in Malaysia

Xenios is the happy blend of competency, innovation-friendliness, skills, and enthusiasm. Our talented team is ready to provide you with a complete package of business and around-business services for setting up your business in Malaysia. Check other locations for foreign company formation, relocation purposes, etc.

The Xenios top-tier options will be helpful for both startuppers and experienced entrepreneurs with successful stories to assist you with stress-free scaling-up activities. Our usually ordered services for running your business legally in Malaysia are auditing, legal support, consulting, accounting, and many more. Contact our managers if you want our high-level assistance and solving all the around-business questions.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Malaysia

First, Malaysia is a country with its notable ease of business registration backgrounds. Most entrepreneurs state that setting up the company here is very convenient and rather cheap for businessmen with any budget. The Xenios team knows all the peculiarities of legal regulations and conditions. Check all the benefits of starting a business in Malaysia with us:

  • Low taxes in the context of the corporate tax rate;
  • Easy conditions for hiring locals and the opportunity to get trained and inexpensive labor resources;
  • Low living costs and minimum language barrier (English-speaking locals);
  • The opportunity to run your business through a strategic location in Malaysia (a member of ASEAN);
  • Sea route trading unlimited capabilities and favorable conditions for foreigners for the company incorporation;
  • A competitive economy with solid protection in the context of minority shareholders.

If you are interested in setting up your business in Malaysia, ask the Xenios professional team about essential preparations, registration services, filing taxes, obtaining required permits, etc.

Accounting and Audit Services in Malaysia

The Xenios team is here to offer you high-level accounting and audit services focusing on Malaysia-based locations with their specific legislation and the peculiarities of local business incorporation and company formation processes.

Take a closer look at the available options for our clients in the context of capabilities possible with our skillful accountants and auditors:

preparing annual financial statements and similar official papers;

submission permits, provision of required balances, and handling various audits;

ledger and recording maintenance and issuing internal VAT invoices;

provision of necessary declarations and inventory notices;

bank transfer processing and handling other transactions;

taking accounting checkups (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.);

accounting and audit consulting from the Xenios experts;

representation of the company’s rights and interests in terms of public relations and authorities, etc.

If you are interested in high-level accounting and audition services, let our managers know your requirements, tasks, and goals. We guarantee that our experts obtain the best-matching skills, superb expertise, and the most required competence area for your business needs. Additionally, the Xenios team Can offer other service packages like business registration & incorporation, consulting, legal support, etc.

Business Registration Services in Malaysia

We guarantee fast and stress-free business incorporation services for entrepreneurs interested in company formation in Malaysia. The Xenios team will provide all the required services from A to Z. Starting from the most favorable business format selection and finishing with the bank account opening, which means the activation of the local firm to run activities with zero risks.

Contact our managers if you want to register your business in Malaysia. All the necessary paperwork will be done according to the specified time frames, including permits, passports, visas, invoices, etc.

Consulting Services for Businesses Based in Malaysia

Sometimes consulting services are a key to your success as a businessman, especially if you have no experience of handling operations in a foreign country. The Xenios consultants are ready to solve any challenges you face. Let our qualified experts provide you with a piece of advice concerning the following aspects:

  1. How to improve the overall business performance;
  2. How to launch the startup profitably and at a reasonable budget;
  3. How to renovate and optimize essential business processes and whole workflows of your newly registered company in Malaysia;
  4. How to do away with the difficulties after the firm’s stagnation phase and similar cycles;
  5. How to solve disputes and negotiate with potential investors, partners, suppliers, buyers, or other parties;
  6. How to increase profits legally in the Malaysia-based locations;
  7. How to enhance your marketing, management, HR, and other potentials., and many more.

Note that our experienced specialists are familiar with all the peculiarities of running a business in Malaysia and other countries. We can provide consulting services both point-by-point (when some cases need time-consuming and efficient solutions) and on a regular basis as your trusted assistants.

Legal Services for Businesses Based in Malaysia

Together with consulting services focused on the legal support of our clients, Xenios offers a wide range of options provided by high-level lawyers and attorneys of our company. Our experts will gladly help with official papers and protect your rights as a businessman. Count on the Xenios premium-quality HR legislation services, corporate law consulting, criminal law advice, and recommendations of our legal advisors about taxation, debts, dispute-solving activities, and many more.

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How Xenios Can Help You with Business Starting in Malaysia?

All the above-listed business services are applied for overseas company formation, dispute-solving, relocation tasks, and similar missions specified by our clients. Our qualified specialists will be able to provide you with a seamless setting up of the firm in Malaysia within one or several weeks. You can count on our exceptional comprehensive approach where any scenario is possible (either point-like assistance to solve time-to-time challenges or represent your company on a regular basis.

Note that Xenios can help you with finding a company name and its reservation, submission relevant documents (according to the local regulations, including the Companies Commission of Malaysia), offering any resolutions to open the bank account for the newly-registered business, and preparing the documents together with their certified copies necessary for the overseas Malaysia-based incorporation process.

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