Business Registration & Formation in the Czech Republic

Xenios can become your reliable assistant when starting a business in the Czech Republic. We can also help you with relocation routines and provide clients with high-quality financial and legal support. Take a closer look at the main benefits of registration of the company abroad, namely in one of the towns or cities of the Czech Republic.

Benefits of Starting a Business in the Czech Republic

Xenios knows all the advantages and positive sides of company registration/formation in the Czech Republic. Consider them all if you still need clarification on this country or just would like to pick sides with the optimal variant. The Czech Republic can become the perfect match for our valuable clients owing to the following reasons:

Czech people prefer dealing with local businesses. It means that your company can reach a new target audience there. Locals do not consider if the business is run by foreigners. But respect and usually select companies physically based in the Czech Republic.
This country makes VAT refunds accessible to businessmen. But this favorable option is available only for those whose business is registered in the Czech Republic. Plus, count on a reduced flat corporate income tax rate (19%).
Foreign businessmen are likely to select the Czech Republic for its zero charges for cash registers, transparent employing policies, and solid legal base for businesses. But be ready to pay some time on getting a long-term residential visa that is a must for convenient arrangements there.
The Czech Republic is the country with one of the biggest investor pools in the EU. Businessmen can attract contributions easily and get access to the funds of the European Union in case the company is officially registered in this country.
The local authorities support foreigners and give them a favor when it comes to government tenders. Do not miss your opportunity to scale up your business in the Czech Republic this way. Opt for low-level annual taxes and zero tolls on the company per calendar year.

Starting your business and registering the company in the Czech Republic is optimal for businessmen with any goals. It means that any size of the business can be run there including large-scale corporations, medium-size firms, and small companies.

Accounting and Audit Services in the Czech Republic

Our experienced team is ready to become responsible for all the necessary processes related to accounting and audit. Ask our experts about high-level services, including VAT preparation, drawing up declarations, inventory notices, ledger & recording maintenance, invoice compliance check-ups, representation in tax audits, and other public relations required.

The Xenios accountants and auditors can issue internal invoices, check travel expense accounts, prepare annual financial statements, and draw up balances. Additionally, our professionals can perform processing of the bank transfers and provide competent consulting and tax advice. Contact us to clarify a full range of possible options our specialists can undertake for your company in the Czech Republic.

Business Registration Services in the Czech Republic

We can become your one-stop assistant for the registration of business in the Czech Republic. All the processes take place according to the explicit 5-step algorithm:

We select the best-matching legal form for your future company.

  1. The phase of preparation of all the official papers takes place (visas, permits, invoices, passports, licenses, and many more).
  2. The application for the registration is issued. Our experts control its progress to make the whole procedure hassle-free for your business.
  3. Our qualified specialists work with local authorities to fill all the possible gaps before you are ready to run your business in the Czech Republic.
  4. Bank accounts are opened and verified to get ready for the company’s financial operations.
  5. Finally, the newly registered company can run in the Czech Republic legally.

This way, you can see the step-by-step explanation of the Xenios 100% turnkey business registration in the Czech Republic. If you still have any questions, it is high time to ask them. Contact our managers to discuss your order.

Consulting Services for Businesses Based in the Czech Republic

Improve your business performance with the help of tailor-made strategies and solutions developed by the Xenios team. Scale up it or renovate the process after a problematic stagnation phase with the use of the incredible competency of our experts. We are here to help you solve conflicts with contractors, investors, or partners.

Our consultants can suggest the best tactics for HR systems, management routine tasks, marketing departments, and many more. Get ready-to-use plans to act in case of inter-collapse situations or after-bankruptcy operations. We will prepare all the improvements and the best ways to implement them in your corporate ecosystems.

Consulting helps return the stability of the company. The Xenios consultant guarantees the result, the effectiveness of all the enhancements, and 100% weak spot detection to correct your business acceleration.

More About Us

Legal Services for Businesses Based in the Czech Republic

Ask our legal representatives to become your faithful attorneys and consultants to protect your rights and arrange all the documentation correctly, in adherence to the letters of the law. The Xenios experts offer the following services:

  • consultation on tax audits, claims, bank loans, and HR legislation (hiring/firing routines);
  • corporate law advice;
  • consultation on the protection of the interests of the enterprise in court;
  • criminal law consulting (economic crimes, tax evasion, service crimes, corruption crimes, etc.);
  • advice on any legal matters relating to business relationships.

Additionally, you can ask our specialists about solving other challenges related to violation of the contract terms, illegal increases in the interest rate, the ban on early repayment of debt, etc. Feel free to contact us and have a dialog about your cases.

How Xenios Can Help You with Business Starting in the Czech Republic?

Our competent experts will consult you on all the questions related to business registration, company formation, and relocation to the Czech Republic. We will highlight all the benefits of your very case to improve your presence in the international arena.

Customers who are interested in our services can opt for 100% foreign ownership, fast company registration (within one calendar week), extended options for the private company for a single director or shareholders, etc.

Remember that the Czech Republic is the perfect company with an awesome global reputation and favorable terms for starting and running the business. Explore all the benefits of this location and request a callback to discuss details.

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